Nearby Attractions

Nearby Attractions

Cherating Village

A laid back village with traditional kampung houses, chalets and budget resorts. It has a nice stretch of beach, ideal for sunbathing or to participate in sea sport activities. Local craft shop that include a Pandanus Weaving Centre where you are able to admire products made from local grass craft, artfully woven into hats, handbags, and table mats. Batik Workshops to see how hand-painted batik is created and you will have the opportunity to try out your skills in making your own batik shirts or scarfs. There are local food stalls and sea food restaurants surrounding.

Sea Sports

The beaches around Kuantan are perfect for a wide range of water sports and activities. Besides sun-bathing and swimming, visitors can do sailing, jet skiing and surfing in beaches like Cherating and Teluk Chempedak.

Batik Handicraft

If you are into handicrafts, Kampung Pandan along the alternative road from Kuantan to Kemaman, Terengganu is a-must-stop. You will find here an assortment of souvenirs made from woven pandan (pandanus) leaves.Royal Pahang Silk is produced at the Pahang Silk Weaving Centre at Sungai Soi in Kuantan and Pulau Keladi in Pekan. At these centers, you also get a chance to watch the actual silk weaving process.Batik printing cottages can be found at Kampung Balok, Cherating and Tanah Putih. Apart from watching the printing or painting process, you could try your hand at designing your very own batik.add after the list , after fireflies

Sg. Lembing-mining town

This tin mining town is for those seeking peace and solitude. There are a number of nature experiences in Sungai Lembing that will satisfy adventure-seekers. A famous trail leads to the Rainbow Waterfall, a secluded spot where a rainbow lies at the bottom of a waterfall each morning before 11 AM. One tour takes you partway through the jungle by 4WD vehicle, then on foot through the jungle’s exotic beauty to reward you with a refreshing swim at the waterfall.

Tropical Fruit Farms

Fruits farms with papayas, mangoes, bananas, rock-melons, pineapples, ciku, watermelons and star fruits are easily available in the state, the King of Fruits or the ‘durians’ from Kuantan are very much sought after. lastly the

Chukai Town

A great way to get to know Terengganu is through its food and what better place to start than in Chukai (in the district of Kemaman), among the first towns you encounter along the Terengganu section of Route 3 northwards. Kim Wah (also known as Kin To Wah) Restaurant is a spartan corner establishment on Jalan Masjid with an even simpler menu, selling nothing else but chicken rice. Not forgetting the famous Hai Peng Coffee Shop, near the town centre which is known for its fine coffees and toasts.

Beserah Fishing Village

A fishing village by the sea. Witness the process of preparing salted fish (a local delicacy). Fresh catches are brought in by the fishing boats and sold nearby the jetty. If in luck, you will be able to see the village folks using water buffaloes to ferry their catches to the processing area. A short drive away is Pantai Batu Hitam or translated as Black Rock Beach, a beach with black rocks which are of volcanic lava origin.

Teluk Chempedak

Only 3 miles from the city centre. Despite being so close to the city, it is surprisingly beautiful. The sand is fine and white and the length and breadth of the beach is very clean, making it safe for kids to play sandcastles and the like, without hesitation. There are a selection of eateries there local, western as well as fast food outlets like McDs and KFC. The beach is popular with locals especially in the evenings when the ikan bakar (barbequed fish) restaurants open for business. The Hyatt Kuantan is located at the far end of the bay.

Kuantan City

Kuantan is the largest town and the administrative centre for the state of Pahang. It only became Pahang’s state capital in 1955, having been moved by the British Administration from Kuala Lipis.
Although a recently established state capital, Kuantan as a town itself has been around for centuries. Some 12th Century manuscripts listed Kuantan as Tan-Ma-Ling , a vassal of the large trading Kingdom of San Fots’I . Other historians noted that Kuantan was part of the Chih-Tu Empire in the first century. In the 11th century, this piece of land was conquered by another small empire called Pheng-Kheng before being taken over by the Siamese during 12th century. In the 15th century, the Malacca Empire usurped power over Kuantan.
The city has now developed into a bustling modern city with a nice balanced mix of old and new with an abundance of food outlets and eataries. Despite the developments, Kuantan still offers visitors the experience of a laid-back life style rich in traditional and cultural activities. For the more adventurous, try out the many popular local fruits and delicacies that are available along the many food stalls especially by the market area.


Be amazed with a unique firefly experience found in Cherating. Listed in the Lonely Planet book as a must-do activity in Cherating, one can take a cruise trip to see the fireflies sparkle around the mangrove tree of Sungai Cherating. The boat will take you alongside the mangrove trees to give you a really close look at the remarkable insects. It’s just like a Christmas tree by nature.

Nearby Kuantan

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• Cherating beach - sea sport and recreation

• Local handicraft and batik centres

• Tropical fruit farms

• Fireflies

• Beserah Fishing Village

• Sungai Lembing-mining town

• Cukai town (border of Terengganu)